Crazy Pet Lady

MaxSummer my dog.

Obsessed might not be a strong enough word for my love for my pets, especially the two pictured…My cat’s name is Max and my dog’s name is Summer. My college roommate got to name my cat. We were co-owners at the time. But once we both graduated and moved away I got to keep Max. I totally got the better end of the deal! My parents technically own Summer, along with 2 other dogs, but she knows I’m the one who loves her the best.

My computer, phone, Instagram, and Facebook are all full of pictures of my cat, dogs, and a couple of our horses. Pets are so special at my house that they are a part of the family. If someone negatively messes with our animals, we don’t like them and make it plain they have got to go. My pets are so spoiled that they run the house. Max makes you notice him and give him attention. Summer and the other dogs bark anytime anyone shows up or hear a deer in the woods. I could go on and on about my pets. I could tell you story after story about all the funny shenanigans that goes on at my house, but I won’t. At least not today.

What pet are you most obsessive about? Let me know in the comment section below.


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