The Happiness Project

I consider myself a happy person, but by no means am I the happiest I could be. I’ve recently started reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. The book is about Rubin’s year long journey on testing out the different ways to becoming happier. The book is broken up in chapters representing the different months of the year. Rubin has twelve concepts that she wants to start incorporating to create more happiness in her life so she starts adding them into her life month by month, adding on top of what she already is doing from the previous month. There is also a beginning section that gives some background information about Rubin and her thought process on her Happiness Project. She has a tad of a scientific way about her writing style, which isn’t bad. She is conducting an experiment to analyze what works and what doesn’t in the pursuit of becoming happier, but she makes it personable and enjoyable to read.

I am only just starting chapter 3, so i have a ways to go with this book still. Though  the first two chapters were about boosting energy and remembering love. To boost her energy levels she worked on going to sleep earlier, exercising better, toss, restore,organize, tackle a nagging task, and act more energetic. To remember love she worked on quitting nagging, not expecting praise or appreciation, fighting right, no dumping, and giving proofs of love.

This book is good so far. It has given me some ideas already to what I could do to become happier. I’ll keep you posted on what else goes on in the book.

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts on Happiness?


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