Side Hustling

I do a couple things outside of my day job to make some extra money. One of the things I do is pet/house sit for people. This is by far the easiest thing I do. I love animals and enjoy being around them, so it just made sense to start offering to take care of other peoples animals while they are away. I have taken care of a variety of animals; diabetic cats, cats and dogs, horses, donkeys, goats, one pot belly pig, and chickens. I work 9 hours a day at my day job, so that can be a challenge with letting animals out in time before there are any accidents on the floor. Figuring out how much to charge a day was a little tricky for me because I didn’t know what the going rate was, so I asked around and did some googling, to finally come up with $25 a day fee. That price is mostly for people who live close to where I live and work. Now, I have charged more for people who live farther away to help cover my gas, and/or if the animals require anything special, like receiving insulin shots. I don’t pet/house sit as much as I would like to, so I am working on growing my network by asking for referrals from my current clients. So far, I have gotten two new jobs from those referrals. So awesome! Can’t wait to be pet/house sitting more regularly!

What do you do to make some extra money?


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