Commencement” by J. Courtney Sullivan. This book was interesting. It’s about four girls who meet at a New England all woman’s college. These girls all experience different things through out the book. One of the girls was molested as a child, is an extreme feminist and goes to great lengths to make a difference in the world. Another girl’s mother died right before she went away to college and this impacts her whole life through out the story.  The third girl is a southern bell who has the perfect life then falls in love with a girl and her family won’t except her new relationship. The fourth and last girl is your average type of girl, but gets rapped one night during college and it changes her perspective on men forever.

The chapters are each written in a different girls perspective as the story progresses, which I really liked. It was a new reading experience for me.

This book is not something I normally would pick up and read, but I enjoyed it. I’m more of the cheesy romance novel kind of girl, who dabbles in the fantasy novel realm. I’m still not sure if I will ever reread this book though. I liked it and it was very different than what I normally read, which is good because variety is normally not a bad thing. Well, maybe I will reread it one day way in the future just not anytime soon.


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