Side Hustling

I do a couple things outside of my day job to make some extra money. One of the things I do is pet/house sit for people. This is by far the easiest thing I do. I love animals and enjoy being around them, so it just made sense to start offering to take care of other peoples animals while they are away. I have taken care of a variety of animals; diabetic cats, cats and dogs, horses, donkeys, goats, one pot belly pig, and chickens. I work 9 hours a day at my day job, so that can be a challenge with letting animals out in time before there are any accidents on the floor. Figuring out how much to charge a day was a little tricky for me because I didn’t know what the going rate was, so I asked around and did some googling, to finally come up with $25 a day fee. That price is mostly for people who live close to where I live and work. Now, I have charged more for people who live farther away to help cover my gas, and/or if the animals require anything special, like receiving insulin shots. I don’t pet/house sit as much as I would like to, so I am working on growing my network by asking for referrals from my current clients. So far, I have gotten two new jobs from those referrals. So awesome! Can’t wait to be pet/house sitting more regularly!

What do you do to make some extra money?


Million Bucks by 30

Million Bucks by 30” by Alan Corey.

I can’t wait to read this book again! Yes, again. I just got done reading it for the first time. The book was published back in 2008. It is a self help finance book, but it isn’t boring or dry. Alan Corey is quite funny and tells a great story of how he made his first million before  his 30th birthday. He actually made his fist million a month before his 29th birthday. Corey didn’t do anything that hasn’t been done before, or something other people cant do. He is a “cheapskate” in his own words. He penny pinched and saved everything he could. Worked a day job he hated (shocker! Most people work jobs they don’t like), and saved enough for a down payment on an apartment. That apartment was his first investment into real-estate. Through out the book Corey adds in little blurbs of tips on investing, like where to start researching and learning about all things investing.

I learned some of the concept/terms he describes through out the book from my own previous research into personal financial. His story is inspiring. That is what I love most about this book. Corey’s approach to making a million before he was 30 is simple, drastic yes, but simple. Easily duplicated if someone is willing to be as dedicated as Corey was in his pursuit of a million bucks by 30.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for some inspiration in the personal finance department. This book is super easy to read and it even has a glossary of terms in the back of the book.

Let me know what you think! :) Happy reading!

Name of the Wind

Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss.

One of my best friends recommended “The Name of the Wind” to me. She said it was good and that I will like it. She was spot on! I really enjoyed this book. I couldn’t wait to get home from work every night to read it. Now if you haven’t read the book yet, you won’t fully understand my feelings on the end (so you should go read it!) and if you have read it and still don’t understand my feelings, well please explain to my why it was a good ending? Besides that it got me to buy and want to read the second book. I know that much already.

I did not appreciate the ending. Around page 500 I started thinking there wasn’t enough pages left to get through all the questions I wanted answered. I was right, unfortunately. The ending kind of felt rushed to me. I understand that the book ended when the first day ended of story telling but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

The book overall though was great. I was a little slow getting into it in the beginning but once I figured out what was going on I could barely put the book down. I stayed up till 2am every night reading it. Right after I finished I went to Barns and Nobel website and bought the second book “The Wise Man’s Fear”. I haven’t started it yet but I will this weekend.

Let me know what you think of this book! :) Happy Reading!

Lucky Number 7

Friday is here at last! This week has dragged on. The time change has me all messed up. Here are the links that got me through the week.

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Have a great weekend!

Lucky Number 7

Luckily the weekend is finally here! Here are the links that got me through this week.

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Don’t forget to turn your clocks forward on Sunday!

The Best Chocolate Cake Ever!

Pinterest is where I find most of the recipes I use and it is exactly where I found this recipe for the Best Chocolate Cake Ever! I have made a variation of the 2 layered cake for my family, friends and most of my coworkers. Everyone loves it! So if you need a big hit dessert this is it.

Assembling the cake.
Assembling the cake.
The whole cake before it was demolished.
The whole cake before it was demolished.
A view of the layers.
A view of the layers.
A slice of heaven!
A slice of heaven!

This cake is so good I will be using this recipe for my wedding cake!

Do you have any favorite chocolate cake recipes?

The Happiness Project

I consider myself a happy person, but by no means am I the happiest I could be. I’ve recently started reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. The book is about Rubin’s year long journey on testing out the different ways to becoming happier. The book is broken up in chapters representing the different months of the year. Rubin has twelve concepts that she wants to start incorporating to create more happiness in her life so she starts adding them into her life month by month, adding on top of what she already is doing from the previous month. There is also a beginning section that gives some background information about Rubin and her thought process on her Happiness Project. She has a tad of a scientific way about her writing style, which isn’t bad. She is conducting an experiment to analyze what works and what doesn’t in the pursuit of becoming happier, but she makes it personable and enjoyable to read.

I am only just starting chapter 3, so i have a ways to go with this book still. Though  the first two chapters were about boosting energy and remembering love. To boost her energy levels she worked on going to sleep earlier, exercising better, toss, restore,organize, tackle a nagging task, and act more energetic. To remember love she worked on quitting nagging, not expecting praise or appreciation, fighting right, no dumping, and giving proofs of love.

This book is good so far. It has given me some ideas already to what I could do to become happier. I’ll keep you posted on what else goes on in the book.

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts on Happiness?